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In this era of digital marketing, brands are focusing on improving their marketing strategies through the application of digital marketing tools. Despite these trending marketing methods, advertising still remains prominent for promoting a brand or service. An advertisement can be displayed on TV channels, radio stations, social media pages, websites, apps, and YouTube. Shooting an advertisement requires a good studio with a setup for photography and videography. Brands demand a better advertisement team to execute their advertisement shooting campaign in a perfect way. Polaroid Lens, a subsidiary firm of SNDK, is a leading advertisement services company in Pune that delivers the finest advertisement projects for brands.

Polaroid lens is equipped with a highly skilled advertising team that executes the best videography and photography projects for businesses and individuals. From various locations in India, we offer male, female, and child models for advertisement shoots. We also offer advertisement models from other countries. Our studio is well-equipped with all the necessities for an advertisement shoot and is located in Pune. Additionally, we offer special setups for routine product videography and photography. We have stylists, saree drapers, and professional hair and makeup artists on hand who have years of experience managing professional advertisement shoots.

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